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About the Firm

Zivkovic Connolly Architects P.C. is a multi-faceted architectural practice which is founded on traditional professional values and offers a complete range of innovative design and project management consulting services.

We provide services ranging from essential cost-sensitive, pre-purchase and pre-design advice, comprehensive project planning, architectural design and additional support services, through to post-occupancy and operational consultancy.

Our goal is the pursuit of quality in design which ensures a satisfied clientele.

We define quality in terms of the functional performance and added-value, as well as the formal and symbolic content, of a project completed within budget and time schedules, in a balanced and appropriate response to owner, user and community interests. Ultimate product quality is a direct result of the commitment and experience we apply in an effort to develop the optimal solution for every design problem, large or small.

Our service is based on a strategic consultancy which provides prompt and impartial professional advice in the context of our clients overall strategy and long-term interests. Building projects, in particular, represent a major investment for all clients. Whether corporate headquarters or modest residence, our concern is to provide the kind of project expertise ensured by our principals direct involvement over, in order to assist in maintaining the value of the investment over time and foster long-term, client-architect working relationships.

We have serviced organizations which number multi-national corporations, banking and stock broking houses, government agencies, institutions, commercial enterprises and numerous private individuals.

Our expertise and special interests include the appropriate and creative integration of building technology in the human and natural environment.

We have extensive experience in the coordination of ergonomics, structures, lighting, acoustic, air conditioning, fire prevention, power control, security, audio/video, communication/data systems and "smart" electronic building controls.

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